Loaf Pan Lasagna

This weeknight lasagna is made in a small amount, which means it can easily serve two people and can be prepared in half the time as a larger batch. Lasagna made with a loaf pan is piled with chunky bits of sausage and tomato sauce that is rustic yet very easy to prepare.

In order to have a cause to create this creamy lasagna with chunky sausage and a rustic tomato sauce, you do not need to invite an entire soccer team over to your house. I was able to reduce the size of the mega-version of lasagna by using the loaf pan, which has become my new best buddy.

With this Loaf Plan Lasagna, you can easily prepare a small amount that is sufficient to feed one, two, or three individuals.

We are all aware that lasagna is a comfort food that requires a significant amount of time and labor, as well as a large pan that needs to be cleaned. Imagine, however, that it is a Wednesday, and you have only around thirty minutes to prepare supper. You are in a situation where you really need to get over that hurdle.An economy of scale in this scenario implies spending fewer minutes at the stove and having leftovers that are more manageable.My opinion is that this is a win-win situation!

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