Zodiac sign predictions for 2024's first solar eclipse By

First Solar Eclipse 2024 Horoscope: Let's forecast the first solar eclipse's effects on each zodiac sign. 

On Monday, April 8, 2024, the first solar eclipse will cross North America, going over Canada, the US, and Mexico.  

 Let's predict the first Solar eclipse's effects on each zodiac sign. 

This eclipse in your private chart won't effect you directly. It's a simple reminder to reflect on oneself. Stop everything and spend time alone if you can. 

 1. Taurus

Soon, your social life will change drastically. The Total Solar Eclipse will feel like removing friends. As one of the most sociable signs, you undoubtedly have international pals. 

2.  Gemini

As the Total Solar Eclipse tops your chart, prepare to advance your career. Try something new at work if you've been stuck in a low-level position. Opportunities may present themselves 


Leos can discover new places during this eclipse. If feasible, travel the Eclipse's route to absorb its energy! Alternative: visit another sunny destination to boost your attitude 

4.  Leo

You enjoy relationships, but the Total Solar Eclipse is raising your standards. Although it's upsetting, certain people may be leaving your life for your own good.  


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