Your Weekly Love Horoscope for March

Your Weekly Love Horoscope for March 18, 2024. Each zodiac sign's Weekly Love Horoscope is here. 

Watch for mood swings this week (and tell your partner if you're together). Increased emotional sensitivity boosts intuition, which helps in love. 

1.  Aries

The start of the week is a good time to snuggle with someone at home. If you're single, your current advances may be welcomed 

2. Taurus

You have a mile-wide possessive streak this week. Singles crave something, while couples may be jealous. Relax with meditation, exercise, or a primal scream.  


When you have so many romantic prospects and such great energy, the beginning of the week is no time to be hesitant 

  4. Cancer

The beginning of the week will reveal your lovely, subtle, friendly, and funny side to those who think you're a show-off. Everything you usually are.  

5.  LEO

You get along with friends and partners at the start of the week. Exchanging ideas and support energizes everyone. Then on Thursday or Friday 

 6.  VIRGO

Your love life may be stuck at the start of the week, but there are alternative paths and roses to smell. Enjoy family and romance with patience.  

 7.   Libra

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