You have the eyes of a hawk if you can see the hidden image in an optical illusion of an old man in 10 seconds 

Many have been perplexed by the illusion, and those who have figured it out usually had a more intuitive bent.  

At first glance, the black and white photo appears to be a close-up of a man sleeping.  

He's lying on top of a pillow, so it's easy to see his nose and face form.  

When the picture was first shared on Reddit, many people were unable to identify the hidden image—a sleeping woman's shape.  

Another user said, "This is one of the trickiest optical illusions I have seen."  

Despite having seen her. A third said, "The old man who is sleeping never leaves for me.  

While the majority of readers had trouble locating the woman, a few were able to do so and offered advice to other puzzle solvers.  

She has brown hair that falls over the pillow and a purple shirt on.  

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