Weekend box office: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire opens with $45 million

Two weeks of Kung Fu Panda 4 and three of Dune satisfied audiences. Get ready for a mix of new and old blood from 40 years ago.

Dune and the Panda are doing well, and audiences haven't given up on them.

 But they haven't given up on Ghostbusters, either, even though signs suggest the franchise's appeal may be dwindling or that,

it may have a ceiling among fans who may not embrace it as a world-building fantasy instead of a joke-a-minute comedy.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife premiered with $44 million during the second pandemic holiday season.

Less than the $46 million of the 2016 Paul Feig revival with talented, witty women as its breakers.

 That may have been higher during a pandemic, right? For its $41 million debut, Dune Part One had to overcome fear and HBO MAX streaming.

 Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire opened to $45.2 million in spring after being postponed from pre-Christmas.

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