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The Gregorian calendar says we leave on December 31st to start a new year on January 1st. Tradition and history disagree 

When we think back to when humans communed with nature and our lives synced with the seasons, we can see why our ancestors celebrated spring as the start of a new year. 

At the spring equinox (March 20), the sun enters Aries, the first zodiac sign, kicking off the energetic, driven, flamboyant, and brave Aries season. 

The coming year will teach you grounded action. As the first fire sign, your energy is “spitfire”. Learning to remain skeptical and let people 

 1.  Aries

Sow seeds during this productive period for seasonal fruit all year. You may have multiple ideas; now decide how to implement them and ask the universe for help. Your life will feel like a magnificent 

 2. Taurus

Self-love is the theme this year. You will find love and kindness in the darkest periods, make space for yourself and others through shockingly varied times 

3.  Gemini

Have you considered yourself a success magnet? Gold pots and a golden chariot are waiting at the end of the rainbow.  


Your life could have been a maze, but you win the Triwizard Tournament this year. You elevate your vibration and broaden your perspective.  

5.  Leo

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