The Daily Scope of Your Home on March 24, 2024

As your cartoon characters tumble from the cubicle wall and land on her desk for the zillionth time, your coworker could accuse you of being a little too insensitive.  

Reaching is bad for your back; transcending is beneficial for meditation.  

These days, balance is crucial. Get out your square tool and sanding supplies unless your intention was for that chair you are constructing to be a free-form creation  

It would be wise for you to consider carefully before dating a coworker, should your personal and professional lives become complicated.  

As you extol the virtues of cleaning, you feel a little selfless—until you discover a rat dropping in your pantry. or, worst even, bugs.  

As you look for chair pads, placemats, and table runners that match, you are delighted by the little things.  

Your secret desire for the yapping pet of your neighbor may have been catapulted into flight.  

While working, music is a terrific distraction. However, avoid getting too engrossed in the song, as this could cause your yellow paint to spill over the tape line and onto the wall that you have painted blue.  

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