Rank all 6 zodiac signs by best qualities

Happy zodiac signs are carefree air signs. They can see the good in every situation and don't become addicted to feelings.

Fire signs Sagittarius and Leo are passionate. Their strength and confidence about the future give them a good attitude.

Even in difficult times, you can't sink the happiest zodiac signs. They overcome obstacles and look ahead.

Gemini leads the list of happy zodiac signs. Gemini is the most optimistic sign. They're positive and see the best in others. Geminis play. They adore studying and are emotionally detached when reading about sad occurrences. They avoid hopelessness. Geminis think rapidly. They switch topics frequently and rarely dwell on one. Fickleness can frustrate people, but it makes Gemini happy.

     1. Gemini

They are among the happiest signs because they are inventive and see the best in people. They are idealistic and never give up hope, even when disappointed. Trust in people to do good lifts their spirits. Libras think everything works out. They appreciate seeing beauty in simple things and have a sense of justice.

       2. Libra

Sagittarians' cheerfulness makes them impervious to depression. They stay positive and don't get depressed. Idealists with big success goals. Lucky streaks and confidence feed their optimism. It seems they always land upright. Sagittarius feel life is fair and good things follow bad because they are lucky. They're positive and successful.

   3. Sagittarius

Passionate and courageous Aries. They enjoy challenges and use them to prove themselves. Aries are happy in good times and bad because they adore being heroic. They're not upset when they initially lose. Aries persevere. Either they overcome challenges or get diverted by new goals. No matter what, persons born under this sign are determined and full of life. 

        4. Aries

They believe you should live fully since you only live once. They have no time to gripe. When Leos dislike something, they modify it. They get their way because they're personable and nice and passionate. Leos are happy when others meet their wants, despite their high maintenance. They are popular and have many fans. 

        5. Leo

Only water sign Pisces made the list. Its people are less joyful than Sagittarius and Gemini. They can brood. Their despair can be accompanied by elation. Their emotions fluctuate. Empathetic Pisces are easily swayed by others' feelings. Sad Pisces may seem stuck in the greatest depression. A Pisces is joyful and smiling an hour later. 

       6. Pisces

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