Sorry, I can't explain this confusing new optical illusion.  

The best optical illusions make us question our own perceptions, and perhaps our sanity.   

That is exactly how this 'new' optical illusion was discovered by mistake.  

Masaya Ishikawa, a filmmaker, was using Adobe Illustrator to create graphics for a movie project when he realised he needed to blink and perform a double take.   

Had he been staring at the screen for too long, or were the circles he was drawing beginning to lose shape before his eyes  

What he observed is worthy of being included in our list of the top optical illusions.  

The illusion is known as the "bumpy circle illusion" or BCI for short.   

The use of such clear English may be purposeful, or it may be due to scientists' uncertainty about what is happening in the illusion.  

It appears easy, and we quickly assume that the impression is generated by the small variation in luminance between the circle  

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