Smoothies are more popular than ever. But, are they healthy?  

Few health food trends have lasted longer than smoothies. Though the blended beverage became popular in the 1990s   

Tropical Smoothie Cafe opened across the country, the global smoothie market has only grown in popularity in the decades since.   

According to one report, the sector is currently worth $27.2 billion, with a plethora of low-cost at-home smoothie   

Among their many known health benefits, "smoothies are a creative way to increase your fruit and vegetable intake," says Kristen Smith, MS  

RDN, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokeswoman and registered dietitian at Piedmont Health.  

Smoothies are prepared by blending solid materials and adding liquids or ice to make them smoother and cooler.  

Some of the most common items to blend include frozen strawberries, bananas, blueberries, mangoes, pineapple, cherries, raspberries, and peaches.  

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