Six of the Angrier Zodiac Signs That Become Agitated Easily

Being around folks who get angry easily is difficult. You feel as though you're treading carefully because you don't want to do anything that would agitate them. They experience upheaval, excitement, fluster, movement, or distress.

Astrology says that things can get out of balance if you're sensitive to other people's energies or your surroundings. It's easy to get distressed around folks who are easily agitated, even if you don't mean to.

Agitation doesn't always indicate bad behavior. If your crush starts talking to you and your mind goes blank, you're agitated. You feel tongue-tied, too warm or uncomfortable, and all your sensations have amplified, so you can't act normally.

Aries are easily agitated. Just block their plans.They'll get angrier with additional roadblocks. They have little tolerance, so if you're slow or don't do something quickly, you'll drive them crazy. Tell them "no" or argue against anything. Aries will confront you and tell you why you stink if you annoy them.

       1. Aries

Just not putting something back or telling Virgos they're wrong will annoy them. Cleaning and organization can be anal for Virgos. If you point out a mistake or incorrect information, they'll get furious since they like being the smartest person in the room.

       2. Virgo 

Leos are strong and controlled until they feel their message is not being received, then they might become upset and agitated. Leos desire to improve the world and advocate the people, but they need support. Leos will be furious if they feel marginalized and may need to regroup before starting a campaign or movement. They struggle when neglected.

        3. Leo 

Geminis might get irritable when nervous. Gemini's unpredictable energy from concern becomes irritation when they don't know how to handle it. If they can talk themselves out of it, they may be stuck. Geminis may thrash and move erratically when they don't know the answers. They become anxious when they lack the skills for a circumstance.

      4. Gemini 

Cancers can become upset by overactive emotions. Cancers are usually comfortable with their emotions, but because they're so sensitive and empathetic, they can get upset by others' problems.

       5. Cancer 

Libras are usually calm and seek equilibrium, yet they don't appreciate injustice. Their reaction will be big enough to motivate them. Libras won't tolerate injustice. They help those in need and advocate for them. Libras are humanitarian firebrands. They may not like being off balance, but it lets them fight for their causes.

       6. Libra

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