Roasted chickpea and cauliflower pitas with sun-dried tomato sauce. 

Drawing inspiration from Catherine Perez's trend, these veggie-loaded pitas offer a delightful vegetarian dinner. 

Ensure chickpeas are thoroughly dried to achieve crispiness; moist ones can hinder cauliflower browning. 

Bibb lettuce complements these pitas, though arugula leaves serve as a fine alternative. 

Swap out the spices with garam masala or shawarma blend if available. 

These pitas, influenced by Catherine Perez's trend, feature a bounty of roasted vegetables, perfect for a vegetarian dinner. 

Properly drying chickpeas is crucial for achieving a crispy texture; excess moisture can impede cauliflower browning. 

While Bibb lettuce is recommended, arugula leaves make an equally delightful addition to these pitas. 

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