Rich Marriage Isn't Important to These 3 Zodiac Signs

First dates at dive bars are the best way to win over Pisces. Some zodiac signs want costly dinners and beverages to test their finances, but others like someone who finds cozy spots with sticky menus and jukeboxes.

They'll admit it: they're more likely to appreciate $3 disco fries than a $100 steak. Cute, low-key first dates will teach zodiac signs everything they need to know about a potential companion.

Astrologer Stina Garbis says zodiac signs who marry for love date differently, frequently seeking for someone adventurous, relaxed, and possibly broke.

If their date takes them somewhere fun and economical, they realize they don't always put money first. These zodiac signs also relate to poor individuals since they have interesting stories.

They probably went experienced some hardships. It could also imply they've chosen a career they enjoy, even if it's low-paying, which they'll always value.

Sagittarius likes to improvise. They don't value stability, thus they don't want to be locked in the suburbs or a city penthouse with a stable spouse. They find nothing stuffier or less enticing than a routine lifestyle.


Aquarius is good at managing their finances, but they don't mind if their partner has never heard of a credit score. For this air sign, unequal finances don't break up relationships.


Pisces like a laid-back, artist's lifestyle, thus they don't suit rich people who want sports vehicles and holidays. They'll jump in a rusted 1994 Toyota any day.


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