Rank all 6 zodiac signs by best qualities

Which sign is the best? Every sign has unique qualities, drawbacks, and personality quirks. 

We are here to explain everything and provide you with insider knowledge on every sign of the zodiac. 

Discover what the best feature of each star sign is by reading on.

The most charismatic zodiac sign is the powerful lion. Bold, fascinating, and confident, Leo enjoys the spotlight. The passionate lion is charming, has a way with words, and has many friends. Leo is attentive and generous, making him a good platonic and romantic partner.


Aries are daring and risk-taking by nature. Aries is ambitious and independent, but they love being the knight in shining armor and protecting others.


Libra is people-oriented and always wants to please. Libras are natural leaders and mediators who can unite any group, from workplace to community.


Sagittarius' vibrant, passionate demeanor attracts people. Sagittarius loves travel and change. Sunny Sagittarius always sees the glass half-full.


Gemini can converse to anyone, anywhere, from water coolers to parties. The adaptive Gemini is smart, witty, insightful, and curious. The sign enjoys academic pursuits.


Capricorns are goal-oriented. They routinely set and achieve goals. Capricorns are methodical, ambitious, and protocol-oriented. As devoted, family-oriented people, Capricorns play as hard as they work.


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