Pad Thai Recipes That Top Takeaways  

Pad Thai is short for kway teow pad Thai, which translates to "Thai-style stir-fried rice noodles.  

The hallmark takeaway dish in the United States includes international variations.   

The popular Thai noodle dish is based on a delectable sweet, salty, and sour sauce made with fish sauce, sugar, tamarind, and lime juice.   

These pad Thai recipes include layers of vegetable and protein variations that you can create at home with chewy noodles, allowing you to customise the characteristic, savoury flavour to your liking.  

Chefs Ann Redding and Matt Danzer pack their delightfully chewy noodles with flavour by utilising shrimp in three different ways: head-on fresh shrimp, fried dried shrimp, and shrimp paste.  

Cookbook author Phoebe Lapine suggests experimenting with several types of mushrooms in her pad Thai.  

In the summer, try buttery, fragrant chanterelles. In the spring, you can splurge on some morels.  

Make this a quick one-pan meal by sautéing the steak and steaming the broccoli in the same wok.  

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