Our editors' favourite mezcal cocktails  

While tequila and mezcal are sometimes bundled together on bar menus as agave spirits, once you understand how to exploit each's distinct flavour   

We like to use mezcal to add smokiness to a classic Margarita, but it may also be substituted for vodka in a Bloody Mary.   

We also frequently use mezcal to temper the more bitter elements in coffee cocktails like this Oaxacan Coffee. Here are the best mezcal cocktails to drink year-round.  

This Bloody Mary is a tribute to Japanese ingredients, with shiro dashi and white miso providing a satisfying and savoury punch.   

Use mezcal instead of vodka to provide surprisingly nice smokey undertones.  

This drink from 2021 F&W Game Changer Ashtin Berry combines smoky mezcal, spicy-sweet fig-ginger syrup, and fresh lemon juice.  

Mezcal is still the primary flavour in this slightly sweet drink, allowing the liquor to shine.  

Citrus juice, mezcal, sparkling water, and a sprinkle of bitters combine in this simple yet delightful cocktail.  

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