Our Best Martini Recipes.  

Here are the best martini recipes, including classic gin martinis and refreshing lemon and basil martinis  

This ultra-elegant martini, created with three gins and black lemon bitters, is only one example of the exceptional cocktail programme at MARCH, a Houston fine-dining restaurant.  

Instead of a drier, juniper-forward London Dry Gin, the Dirty Pasta Water Martini uses a herbaceous gin (Vetri recommends Revivalist's Equinox Expression)

The drink and provides a round, soft sweetness that complements the salty and starchy pasta water.  

Kenta Goto, the owner of Bar Goto in Manhattan and Bar Goto Niban in Brooklyn, designed this exquisite, modern spin on the saketini.   

Goto's drink is made with old genshu sake and gin and is garnished with salt-pickled sakura, or cherry blossoms.  

This basic martini is made extra unique by adding Chandelier Magic, a zesty and aromatic handmade bitters combination.   

It is stirred exactly 24 times. Herbsaint, an anise-flavored liqueur, adds a faint herbaceous note to the Chandelier Magic, which complements the slightly sweet Old Tom-style gin.  

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