Optical illusion:All can notice wildlife, but if you can spot five hedgehogs in 10 seconds, you have hawk vision.

If you enjoy solving puzzles and animals, this is the perfect task for you to take on.

You're challenged by the designers at Spin Genie to locate all five hedgehogs in this springtime picture.

But in ten seconds, can you identify them all?

As to the authors, within this period, seven out of ten persons managed to find the hedgehogs.

How much time does it take you?With the return of the leaves and the presence of the sun, the image depicts squirrels, owls, and hedgehogs emerging from their winter hideouts.

Finding the hedgehogs is made more difficult by the densely detailed image.

The brown appearance of the spiky creatures makes them particularly difficult to notice.

If not, scroll down to see where they are. After that challenge do you think you have 20/20 vision?

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