optical illusion that’s baffling the Internet – so how long does it take you to spot the cat? 

The image portrays a woman in an apron-topped outfit. Her hand is on her waist and the other a mop.

A bucket sits on the floor, a cupboard has a diamond cutout, and three-color curtains cover the window.

The Kittrells posted the photo on TikTok, with Colbey telling Damian to find the cat.Damian examined each portion of the image to find the hidden pet.

The video proceeded, and he moaned in frustration: "You know what?

"I think I'm looking for the word cat somewhere on the thing!"People admitted to being irritated after failing to discover the clever cat in the comment

One shouted, "Greaaat I still can't see the cat!""There's no cat," said another.

"Turn your phone to your right & look at the side of her face and follow it down her arm."

"You can see a pointy cat ear up to her hair - like the cat is kissing her cheek."

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