optical illusion test:you have 20/20 vision & a high IQ if you can see the spider in 8 seconds

The logs are visible to anyone, but if you can identify the spooky spider in less than eight seconds, you may be highly intelligent and have 20/20 vision.

The image depicts a collection of logs with a variety of sizes and shapes, but you have to search for the creature that is lurking there.

The fact that the logs and the spooky-crawly are the same color makes the illusion more challenging because it makes it easier for him to avoid your attention.

Have you had any luck yet? Here's a hint: look closely at every area of the picture, section by section, and look for any spider-like shapes.

This is one of our trickiest teasers ever, so don't worry if you're having trouble. 

The solution is at the bottom of the page.While you read, how about trying some additional optical tricks?

Check your mental capacity by answering the test's questions to see whether you have a high IQ.

Approximately halfway up the screen, on the right side, is where you can find the spider.

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