optical illusion test:You can prove you have 20/20 vision if you spot the predator hiding in the rocks in just 12 seconds

You just have 12 seconds to save yourself from the dangerous animal, so you could find yourself scratching your head while you try to figure out how to complete this challenge.

The Indian Hill's rocks and vegetation are featured in the most recent mind-boggling illusions.

There's more to this picture than meets the eye, taken by British wildlife photographer Stuart Benson.

The photos reveal a gorgeous leopard hiding in plain sight, completely blending in with its environment.

This area, called Leopard Hills, is home to up to 100 expertly camouflaged leopards.

Although the image appears innocent at first, there is a frightening beast hidden away.

Even though it seems unlikely that anyone might be there at first, use your keen sense of observation and creative problem-solving skills to locate the large cat.

As the pressure builds, you might even find yourself pulling out your hair.

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