Optical Illusion Personality Test: What You See First Reveals How Much You Care About Other

Optical illusions are captivating visuals that test our perception by providing objects or images that can be seen in different ways.

They are classified as physical, physiological, or cognitive illusions, and each twists our perception in a unique way. 

Aside from its exciting visual tricks, optical illusions can also be used for psychological study, exposing hidden aspects of our personalities and wants.

They play an important role in psychoanalysis, providing insights about our qualities depending on our interpretations. A new stellar optical illusion spreading on social media is an excellent example, enabling viewers to learn more about themselves by what they see.

This optical illusion, uploaded by Bright Side on their YouTube channel, shows viewers a starry cartoon scene and asks, "What do you see first?"

According to the illusion, your initial observation can reveal whether you are more likely to regard the needs of others or if you are content with yourself.

Seeing the woman's face first in the optical illusion indicates that you are very mindful of others. You see individuality and intrigue in everyone and everything around you, and you are a real romantic at heart. 

Social gatherings with friends and family are activities you enjoy. Your capacity to make those around you happy and valued is one of your best qualities, making your company sought after and welcomed wherever you go.

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