Optical Illusion: Find the deer in the forest scene in 7 seconds!

Illusion, derived from the Latin term illudere, which means to mock or trick, captures human perception. 

Our brains are quite good at filling in the visual gaps to create a coherent sensory environment around us. 

Optical illusion images, skillfully designed to fool human perception, thus serve as a simple test for measuring mental and visual acuity. 

Neuroscientists frequently use these images to investigate the complexities of the brain and how our brains perceive reality. 

Engaging with optical illusion puzzles is a popular pastime that has the potential to improve problem-solving skills and lateral thinking. The image above depicts a forest scene in the form of a painting.

A deer is hidden in plain sight in this photograph. Readers are challenged to find the deer in 7 seconds.

Can you spot the deer in 7 seconds? This assignment will put your observational abilities to the test.

Only the most diligent readers will be able to see the deer with their keen eyes.

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