Olive Oil with Dark Chocolate Cake

We just closed on the sale of our home. Just in case you didn't know, Jack and I are relocating (!?), and I've been experiencing a whole range of emotions over it recently. 

We are currently in Chicago, staying with my folks - how luxurious! - for the summer until we find a new place to call home. We left Austin a few weeks ago. It's always sad to leave behind homes, friends, and kitchens (aahh, what am I doing!),

but we're enthusiastic for a new experience. Rest assured, the blog will remain up and running. I am now working on several unique projects and a plethora of new recipes. 

Here in my mom's kitchen, I've been slaving away at the stove, which is great because she cleans up after me :). Greetings! I am Jeanine, and I am nearing the age of 38.

Then, it's time for cake! Either way, it's cake! I can't decide if it's a celebration cake or a sadness cake. Dessert isn't usually my strong suit, but every once in a while I need a piece of "it's-all-going-to-be-ok" chocolate cake.

I have long admired Sunday Suppers author Karen Mordechai, and I was thrilled to see this dish in her latest book, Simple Fare: Spring/Summer. I call it "a balance of sweet and savory," says Karen, describing this cake. 

All you people who adore dark chocolate, I must admit, this one is for you. It has a rich chocolate flavor without being too sugary. Despite its luscious olive oil flavor, the cake is surprisingly airy. 

The recipe for the cardamom whipped cream is down below, but I subbed in some whipped coconut cream because that's what I had on hand.

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