Marriage Is Most Common Among These 3 Zodiac Signs

Some zodiac signs love wedding preparation, but others dislike cake tastes and flower arrangements. 

When that feeling arrives, many may desire to elope immediately. They like the concept of a short Vegas wedding or courthouse “I do” to save time and money and make a better tale.

Astrologer Stina Garbis says zodiac signs most likely to elope are less traditional about nuptials and other milestones. They love surprises like sneaking away to get married without telling their relatives.

Eloping means avoiding wedding hassles like location and guest list selection. These signals don't want to fuss over minutiae for months or blow their savings.

Garbis says certain indications may flee the spotlight. They prefer a quiet ceremony with their partner and maybe one or two close friends rather than being the center of attention.

According to Garbis, Aries is the most impulsive zodiac sign, thus they rarely last long enough to plan a wedding before eloping.


Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, doesn't want to spend years on one expensive day. They roll their eyes at choosing napkin colors and floral arrangements and don't have time to discuss expenses with a coordinator.


Aquarius, one of the zodiac's quirkier signs, has never liked tradition. They dislike dress shopping and being the focus of attention on their wedding day. Videographers getting up their face has given them nightmares.


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