Kid-Friendly Brunch Ideas for All Ages  

Brunch can be a family-friendly event without sacrificing quality food. From sweet cinnamon streusel-topped coffee cake and classic  

Belgian waffles to savoury breakfast sliders and super-creamy mac and cheese, we have a variety of delicious brunch dishes to suit visitors of all ages.  

Your kid-friendly brunch meal planning begins here.Charring the tomatoes and onions before adding them to the red chile sauce is a simple technique to achieve a rich, slow-cooked flavour  

Don't worry, the seeded chiles provide a smoky flavour without the heat.   

Thick-cut fresh tortilla chips absorb the salsa and runny egg yolks without becoming mushy.  

Imagine a gooey, buttery cinnamon bun mixed with apple pie flavors—that's what this incredibly delectable babka delivers.  

Make careful to slice the apples extremely thinly here; the thinner they are, the easier.This decadent Challah bread French  

It will be easier to roll out your bread. The additional glazing is well worth it.  

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