I Had to Differentiate Between Parenting My Son and My Daughter Because I

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A big confession regarding parenting my kids. I have a daughter and son. Since my daughter is feminine, I parent her differently than my son. Although it may seem misogynistic or anti-feminist, this is not the case.

This is survivalist. My parenting style affects my daughter's future, leadership, and potential as a woman in a "man's world.

Daily parenting seems to hardly touch these issues, but when I break it down and look at my attitude and behaviors toward my kids, I worry more about my daughter's future success than my son's.

My thoughts regarding her future are more tense. I push her to succeed because of my worries. I urge her to exercise and strengthen. I help her love herself and become a confident, purposeful woman.

I encourage her and stroke her back so she doesn't get lost in a world that gives women less chance than men.  

I don't neglect my son. I don't. I think he's naturally confident, accepted, and determined because he's masculine.

 I think his gender makes the world push him and include him in achievement. I worry less.

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