we mean selecting the ideal wallpaper for your requirements based on your zodiac sign.

"Aries are bold and dramatic with a flare for eccentric design," Ash explains. 

Tauruses are extravagant signs, so it seems sense that they would go all out with lavish wallpaper from a high-end manufacturer like Gucci.

The shimmering gold wallpaper is ideal for Leo who enjoys being in the spotlight. Everyone will be watching it and you.

Like the erratic Gemini, this wallpaper is equal parts cheery and melancholic.

Libras will definitely like this taupe and rose gold damask wallpaper, which has just the right amount of shine to add glamor without overpowering your room.

Earth symbol Virgos will adore this wallpaper with botanical stripes, which was influenced by English Arts and Crafts designs.

This timeless, gloomy plaid wall covering will enable you to embrace your inner Coastal Grandpa. SCORPIO

The mural wallpaper of a Capricorn will catch everyone's attention. "A Capricorn loves tradition, so wallpaper appeals to them as a way to decorate your home in a timeless design," 

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