How do optical illusions work?  

Take a look at this photo. What are you seeing? A grid of squares? Great. Take another look at the white space at the "street crossings."   

Although this image, known as the Hermann Grid, is just a black and white grid of squares  

This grid is a typical example of an optical illusion, in which your mind is misled into seeing something that doesn't there.   

You can see the dark blobs in the white areas, but when you look directly at the point where the blob should be, it vanishes because it was never there in the first place.  

This is only one of many examples of the eyes playing tricks on the brain. Illusions mislead us for a variety of reasons.  

Adjacent items can alter the way you perceive things. Playing with perspective can alter your perception of an object.  

Sometimes illusions work because of flaws in the regular anatomy of our eyes.   

It is sometimes too easy to form assumptions about how the world should be rather than how it actually is, leading us to see things inaccurately.  

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