While affluence frequently accompanies an abundance of gourmet delights and culinary indulgences,  

A basic, wholesome meal with lots of flavor that is a staple in many cultures worldwide is beans and rice.  

Instant ramen noodles have long been a cheap staple for students and people on a tight budget,  

Comfort food at its best is the classic grilled cheese sandwich, with its golden, buttery bread encasing melty cheese.  

A modest food that can warm you from the inside out is potato soup, with its warm, creamy texture and pleasant flavor.  

A cornerstone of Southern cuisine, cornbread is a versatile dish that complements a wide range of meals. It has a hint of sweetness.  

Its crumbly texture makes it an ideal side dish that people of all income levels would continue to appreciate.  

Using leftover rice to make a tasty dish with whatever veggies and proteins are on hand is a great use for it. Fried rice is one such example of this.  

A popular classic, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich combines sensations of sweetness, salt, and creaminess in every bite.  

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