Flavorful Skirt Steak Recipes  

Skirt steak is all about flavour; it's often considered one of the best beef cuts. Skirt steak is an ideal candidate for marinade tenderization due to its high connective tissue content.  

While short cooking over high heat, the seasonings combine with the meat to produce juicy, savoury dishes such as grilled balsamic-soy marinated skirt steak and tantalising kebabs.   

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"Almost nothing pairs better with potatoes than steak, so here I thread strips of skirt steak onto skewers with baby Dutch yellow potatoes  

"The strong beefiness of skirt steak is well appreciated, and this cut is unexpectedly well-suited to kebabs.   

Slices of powerful Spanish chorizo crisp up on the grill, delivering bursts of rich flavour as you consume the kebabs.   

Coating everything with smoky paprika enhances the grilling experience.  

Salsa de semillas, a lesser-known but popular Mexican nut-based salsa, contains pumpkin seed kernels, cashews, and sesame seeds.  

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