Five Heart-Healthy Drinks That a Cardiologist Suggests Having Every Day

It's imperative to take the appropriate actions to improve heart health, both literally and figuratively,  

The sooner you start, the better. Thankfully, there are plenty of heart-healthy lifestyle choices that help maintain your vitality.   

Getting enough good sleep, finding healthy methods to deal with stress,  

making activity a priority whenever feasible are just a few of the many.  

Just so you know, maintaining proper hydration is essential for almost all aspects of your health, including digestion, energy,   

According to Dr. Cao, "water, which makes up [about] 60% of our bodies, is essential to the operation of every cell and organ in the body." "Water is needed as a reagent, or stimulus, for every chemical reaction in our body to occur." And the same applies to your heart health.  

"Your body needs about 7,600 liters of blood per day on average, which your heart pumps out continuously,  

he says. "Your muscles work more efficiently when your heart pumps blood to them more easily when you stay well hydrated.  

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