Everyone can see elephants at the pool, but only 20/20 vision can see the spoon in 12 seconds.

You will be tearing your hair out trying to find the spoon in just 12 seconds with this challenging brainteaser.

Since this picture is considered an optical illusion, there might be less noticeable details present.

The task at hand involves locating the spoon that seamlessly blends into the surroundings.

Will you be able to identify it or will you be baffled by it?

You have little time, yet perfect performance requires 20/20 eyesight.Examining every aspect of the situation with great attention is crucial, even though it may initially appear overwhelming.

Depending on your level of confidence, you may choose to start at the upper left corner of the image and work your way down, or you could do the exact opposite!

Were you able to locate the concealed spoon? Congratulations if that's the case!

If not, there's a solution at the bottom, so don't worry.

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