Egg Recipes for Breakfast and Beyond

Eggs can be used in a variety of dishes, including thickening custards and binding meatballs.   

However, in these dishes, eggs take centre stage—as a topping for salads and breakfast sandwiches, deviled and topped with briny caviar, and nestled in a bed of escarole and feta cheese for a spin on shakshuka.   

There are options for breakfast, lunch, and everything in between.   

As the beaten eggs cook (until fully set but not browned), the onion sweetens and softens.   

Topped with roasted cumin seeds, cilantro, and fresh green chiles, this dish is fragrant.  

This delectable breakfast dish is reminiscent of crawfish étouffée, but with a West Coast flair prevalent throughout chef Brooke   

Williamson's oceanfront restaurant complex, Playa Provisions.   

The lobster gives the stew a deep flavour, while the turmeric eggs add a brilliant flare of colour.  

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