Easy 5-Minute Banana Smoothie  

My go-to banana smoothie. It takes less than five minutes to make this simple banana smoothie. Our easy recipe can be used alone or as a base for different smoothies.

I've made this simple banana smoothie recipe more times than I can count. It's delicious on its own and makes an excellent base for adding additional components such as fruit, nut butter, and vegetables.

I use one banana to create one large or two smaller (kid-sized) smoothies. A ripe banana produces the best-tasting smoothie.

 To make the creamiest banana smoothie, use frozen banana slices. I've explained how I freeze bananas for smoothies below.

Half an orange — When I have oranges on hand, I enjoy adding them to my morning smoothie. It provides additional vitamin C and tropical flavor. If you don't have oranges on hand, don't panic; you may substitute mango, pineapple, or berries.

Plain or Greek yogurt – I don't always add yogurt to my smoothies, but when I do, a teaspoon makes for a protein-packed and creamy smoothie. 

For a smoothie without yogurt, add some more fruit or vegetables such as spinach or kale.

Water or milk – Adding a drop of liquid to the blender helps the components combine better. Water can be used instead of milk to make a smoothie. It still tastes great. Add milk to increase the creaminess.

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