Delicious Chocolate Cake for Vegans

This vegan chocolate cake recipe is taken from my new cookbook, Love & Lemons Every Day. Today, I'm offering it in honor of the book's debut, but this vegan cake recipe would be ideal for any occasion. 

It's moist and tasty, with a strong dark chocolate flavor. Everyone, vegan or not, will enjoy this dish, which is topped with delectable icing.

All-purpose and whole wheat flours make the cake healthful while remaining moist and soft.

Cocoa powder imparts a deep chocolate flavor. Baking soda and vinegar help the cake rise.

Almond milk - or any other non-dairy milk that you choose. Soy milk and oat milk might also work well in this recipe.

Maple syrup - Instead of pure white sugar, I used maple syrup to naturally sweeten my vegan cake.

Extra-virgin olive oil adds moisture and richness. Cinnamon and vanilla extract - These ingredients improve the cake's chocolate flavor.

The icing, however, holds the true healthful secret to this recipe. Despite its creamy texture and delicious flavor, it is created without powdered sugar or vegan butter. Instead, I make baked sweet potatoes.

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