Add more taste and texture to Chia Seed Pudding by sprinkling in a rainbow of fruits and nuts.

Almond milk and chia seeds should be combined in a jar or mixing dish. Make sure the chia seeds are completely dissolved in the milk by giving it a good stir.

To mix in the sweetener, give the mixture another stir.

The chia seed pudding mixture should be covered and left to remain at room temperature for at least fifteen minutes, or better yet, chilled for several hours or even overnight. 

It's time to add the toppings to the chia seed pudding once it has reached your desired thickness. 

Arrange a vibrant mix of fruits, including banana slices, cut berries,

You can now enjoy your Chia Seed Pudding! You can either eat it right away as a filling breakfast or snack, or you can save it for later. 

You are welcome to alter the toppings based on your tastes and what's in season. 

Use your imagination when combining different fruits, seeds, nuts, and even granola or chocolate chips for a little extra decadence.

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