Bright, Citrusy Recipes for All Winter  

When it's cold and grey outside, orange lends a welcome burst of vibrant colour and tart flavour to a variety of sweet and savoury recipes  

We've picked dishes featuring winter citrus to awaken your senses and take advantage of the season's sharp and sweet peak supply.   

Citrus salad, a blood orange tart, lemon custard, grapefruit salad, citrus marinades and glazes for meat, a Meyer lemon margarita  

Here are some of our favourite citrus-based winter dishes.  

His no-bake dessert consists of a smooth lemon-poppy seed custard topped with orange-infused whipped cream and tart lemon curd.  

Puntarelle remains bright and sharp in this salad, and beets add a soft, earthy flavour.   

Puntarelle is a speciality item; explore your local farmers market or use another bitter chicory.  

Butter-rubbed Chilean sea bass fillets are baked in a citrus-forward mixture of freshly juiced oranges, ponzu, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic, infusing the fish  

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