Blueberry Pomegranate Colada, Agua Fresca  

As someone who writes about alcohol for a job, it may surprise you that the non-alcoholic menu is the first item I glance at when I sit down at a restaurant.  

That's not because I don't drink alcohol; it's because I frequently see some very fascinating inventiveness on this portion of the menu, and if I'm going to have a stronger drink   

In the instance of All Day Baby in Los Angeles, the NA list was especially enjoyable with to unexpected hits like a Negroni Float  

Full section of alcoholic milkshakes, and a tempting assortment of agua frescas like a blueberry.  

The fluffy texture of this drink is accomplished by using a "whip shake," which involves adding one or two ice cubes to a cocktail shaker and shaking vigorously until the ice is completely dissolved.   

It's a more complicated process than a conventional shake (or a dry shake, which requires no ice), but the finished agua fresca has a cloud-like texture unlike anything you've tried before.  

To ensure complete visual delight, serve this drink in a pint or milkshake glass. Make careful to top off the agua fresca mixture with club soda rather than tonic water  

Add some crushed ice to keep each drink extra chilly. -- Oset Babür-Winter.  

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