Astrologers Offer Tips for Setting and Maintaining New Goals for Each Zodiac Sign

Making your goal SMART, tying it to an intention, and making it intrinsically motivating are universal goal-setting best practices. 

However, there's no single technique to achieve them. Some prefer writing them down; others prefer sharing them with accountability partners. 

 Some prefer setting many short-term goals, while others are encouraged by one huge aim. Astrology is supposed to impact personality-based preferences, thus your zodiac sign's temperament may reveal how you set objectives and which tactics work best for you.

Instead of multitasking, focus on your goal once you've set it. "If you have a to-do list, always do the number-one thing, see it through to completion, and then move onto the next," he advises. "You likely won't fare well with potential distraction."


Taurus, you love seeing the eventual goal. As a fixed sign that dislikes change, ambitious long-term ambitions run against your nature. Marquardt advises remembering that each goal requires change. He recommends reminding yourself of your innate resourcefulness and capacity to stay grounded to open your mind to change.


You often embrace a goal because someone else recommended it or because you think it would please someone you care about. As a relationship sign, your strength is perceiving others and acting diplomatically, not pursuing your own goals. Marquardt advocates considering your genuine purpose in a world without others and letting your ego impact it.


Sagittarius, "Go big or go home" is your life motto, and goal-setting reflects that. Jupiter rules you, so you set lofty ambitions. "Your goal list probably looks more like a bucket list, filled with things that, realistically, you may not get around to," he adds, "but it's exciting to consider them as goals, nonetheless."


Since you're a creative, Mercury-ruled air sign, you often set more ambitions than you can really achieve. You're a superb multitasker, but if you lack follow-through, review your goals. So, "try to figure out which ones are actually serving a long-term desire and which ones might just be interests or passions of the moment," he says. You may get caught up in short-term interests, but focusing on long-term goals will help you last.


Cancer is emotional and overthinking. Marquardt argues you gravitate toward goals that reaffirm your comfort or safety (or will). He recommends using your emotions to set goals, as you want them to feel good to you.


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