All the Information You Need to Purchase 3D Nail Art 

Streamline the Design: With short nails, opt for smaller and more intricate 3D designs to avoid overwhelming the nail bed. 

Focus on Details: Emphasize intricate details rather than size. Delicate designs can still make a statement without the need for length. 

Consider Proportions: Ensure that the 3D elements complement the size and shape of your short nails, maintaining balance and harmony. 

Choose Practical Designs: Select designs that won't interfere with daily activities like drawing, washing dishes, or playing the viola. 

Minimize Length: Keep the 3D elements low-profile to prevent them from protruding too far and causing inconvenience. 

Opt for Flat Embellishments: Utilize flat charms or gems instead of bulky ones to maintain comfort and functionality with short nails. 

Customize for Comfort: Discuss with your nail artist about adjusting the 3D elements to suit your lifestyle and ensure they won't hinder your daily activities. 

Experiment with Textures: Explore different textures and finishes that add dimension to your short nails without compromising on comfort or practicality. 

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