Actually groundbreaking flower nail designs to wear this spring (and beyond).  

Flower nail patterns remain popular, particularly in the spring. (Yes, we know—how groundbreaking).   

However, just because something is expected does not preclude it from being memorable or enjoyable.   

Flowers are associated with the warm months for good reason.  

"Flowers are delicate and beautiful, so it's no surprise that people love them around the house, on their clothing, or as nail art,  

"As we see flowers blooming around us in nature, I believe it inspires us to embrace spring."  

There is some practicality to it. Flower nails are one of the various nail art styles that are available to everyone and may be customised to your liking.   

"Floral designs are easy to DIY at home," admits famous nail artist Queenie Nguyen.   

"It's also easy to request in salons with the versatility of many colour combinations."  

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