A coffee 'never' drinker, Sydney Sweeney can function on 2 hours of sleep.

Actress Sydney Sweeney is revealing her daily routine. 

Sweeney, 26, told the Wall Street Journal that she never drinks coffee and doesn't value sleep.

In response to the outlet's question, the "Anyone But You" actress said, "I sleep however many hours I get in a night, but I'm known for being able to function off of very, very little for a very long amount of time."

The morning coffee with breakfast question was answered by Sweeney: "

She emphasized, "I just drink water," and she continued. 

A bowl of berries is my go-to choice for breakfast. 

Perhaps some granola, bacon, or a croissant, but berries are the thing that I usually reach for.

At the moment, the actress who appeared in "Euphoria" lives in Los Angeles, California, with her dog that she calls Tank.

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