When Choosing a Profile Picture for a Dating Site, Avoid These 6 Common Pitfalls

When it comes to online dating, do you want to put yourself in a position to be successful? It is imperative that you begin with high-quality photographs. 

Putting together a visually appealing and captivating exhibit on dating websites that demonstrates how amazing of a catch you are is the most important thing.

A good thing in excess is bad. Leave some mystery. I know I shouldn't say this, but no naked photos! To appear elegant.

1. Using too many photo

Choose your favorite photo and smile. No smile in a photo is OK, but a smile is much better. Avoid mirror (and other) selfies. Selfies are cute, but they can also mean "I have no friends," and "I'm reclusive".

2. Not having an appealing headshot

Don't go too formal. Your life and social context are shown. Since you undoubtedly dressed up for these, it adds to your multifaceted self. It also gives the audience a hint of how much fun they would have with you!

3. Forgetting to include a photo from a social event

You get out, enjoy life, and accept your physique. It also lets potential connections see your shape! If you're shy, try your best. The other person will see you and check you out nonetheless.

4. Skipping an action shot 

Enjoy this one with your crew at the Jets game, at that costume party, or with your dog. You're hot, so treat them to some eye candy (elegantly).

5. Holding back on the wild card photo

You want potential dates to see your best self, but updating your profile photo every three days sounds insecure.

6. Changing your profile pic too often

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