5 Signs You're Falling For A 'Fatal Attraction' Relationship

Palmistry, or palm reading, uses your hands and palm lines to reveal your personality, life, and love life. They reveal your best and worst traits, compatibility, emotional needs, and relationship preferences.

To determine your love compatibility in relationships, learning how to read palms can reveal a lot about your ideal partner or current relationship,  

as well as whether you're likely to meet your "fatal attraction". 

If you're not sure if the new flame you're chatting to will burn you out, check your hand shapes to see if you're opposable elementals.

1. Your hand form and element

Your heart line goes from your little finger to your middle or index finger and is your uppermost primary hand line.

2. You or your partner have broken hearts.

Neptune ring is at the base of your palm at the center in the “Neptune” region. The half-moon mark depicts the junction of your conscious and unconscious minds, where your uncontrolled emotions live.

3. A Neptune ring.

Palmistry calls your pinky finger the “Mercury” finger because it symbolizes honesty and trustworthiness.

4. Crooked or feeble little finger.

Palmists call the index/pointer finger "Jupiter". Jupiter indicates how you see yourself, therefore if it's shorter or narrower than the other fingers, it may not be positive. 

5. Their index finger is short or slender.

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