Managing Difficulties in Life Better Than the Ordinary Person  

While making mistakes is unavoidable, having the capacity to forgive yourself for them is a sign of perseverance.  

Those who successfully navigate life's obstacles frequently view criticism as a chance for personal development rather than as a personal assault.   

Resilient people are distinguished by their ability to reframe things positively.  

Though our responses to change vary greatly, it is the only constant in life. You're ahead of the curve if you find yourself riding the waves of change with excitement as opposed to fear.   

Having a realistic and respectful grasp of your abilities and worth is the foundation of high self-esteem, rather than being conceited or having an inflated sense of self-worth.   

Seeking assistance when required is a sign of strength, not weakness.  

It can be difficult for some people to find anything to be thankful for during difficult times.   

Sagittarians are perennial optimists and joy-seekers. They enjoy new experiences with an open mind and adventurous heart. Sagittarius tells us that happiness is in the journey, not the end.